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10 Cloud Crafts for Kids

Kids' Crafts

10 Cloud Crafts for Kids


Who doesn’t remember spending spring and summer days lying in the cool grass and pointing out fun cloud shapes to your friends? Reignite that same sense of wonder in your kids! Go outside with your kids, look up into the sky, and get inspired for these creative cloud crafts. Some of these projects are experiments and others are classic paper crafts. All of them are super exciting and fun to do together as a family. Have fun learning about and crafting clouds with your kids!

  • 01of 10Rain Cloud Craft for Kids
  •  You’ll need lots of cotton balls for this super cute ​rain cloud craft for kids from The Kindergarten Connection. The big, oversized raindrops add a bit of whimsy to this art project, and the finished product is adorable!
  • 02of 10Shaving Cream Rain Clouds
  • How awesome is this cloud science experiment from One Little Project? You can make this with shaving cream, food coloring, and water. 
  • 03of 10Cloud Classification Craft
  •  Teach your kids about the different types of clouds with this ​classification activity from Gift of Curiosity. Puffy paint and cotton balls are the perfect craft supplies to make clouds. 
  • 04of 10Crayon Drip Rain Cloud
  • This is a great art project to open the creative minds of your children. Try making this multimedia process art activity, from Sugar Spice and Glitter, on a rainy day when you’re stuck inside the house.
  • 05of 10Cloud Kid Craft
  • It’s raining hearts with this cute kids’ craft from Glued to My Crafts! Just because Valentine’s Day has passed, doesn’t mean you can’t craft with hearts. Every day is a new reason to celebrate love.
  • 06of 10Cloud Dough
  • This ​cloud dough from Happy Hooligans will provide hours of fun playtime for your kiddos. It’s like soft puffy sand and it’s really easy to whip up in your kitchen.
  • 07of 10Rainbow Cloud Craft
  • Brighten up those grey winter days with this colorful rainbow cloud craft from All Kids Network. It’s easy, uses simple supplies, and great for little crafters.
  • 08of 10Happy Paper Cloud Pillow
  •  This paper cloud pillow from Hello, Wonderful is just so joyful! This is a great project for kids to learn motor skills and beginner sewing skills. Fill the pillow with stuffing for the final step.
  • 09of 10Preschool Cotton Ball Clouds Activity
  •  Here is​ another cloud activity ​that will teach your child all about the different types of clouds in our world. Once you’re finished crafting, take this cheat sheet outside with your kids and you can together decide what types of clouds are in the sky. 
  • 10of 10Rain Clouds Experiment
  • This rain cloud experiment from Laughing Kids Learn would be a fun activity in a classroom, at a play date, or birthday party. You probably already have everything you need for this activity in your home! 

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