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10 Halloween Decor DIYs Kids Can Make

Kids' Crafts

10 Halloween Decor DIYs Kids Can Make


Anticipation is a big part of the joy of a holiday celebration, especially for kids, so this October celebrate Halloween all month long by creating seasonal crafts and decorations each week. Most of these DIYs are simple enough to complete within an hour or two, so little ones with limited attention spans are welcome, and all of the projects are budget-friendly, so parents, rejoice.

Consider setting aside time all autumn long for costume creating, decoration making, and party planning, all leading up to a big celebration on Oct. 31. Glance through our list for a bunch of great ideas for your next Halloween crafting afternoon.

  • 01of 10Toilet Paper Roll Monster
  •  Pro tip: Save any and all cardboard (shipping packages, scraps, and of course empty toilet paper rolls) as a sturdy, easy media for an impromptu kid craft session. These adorable toilet roll monsters come together with things you definitely already have on hand, so they’re the perfect plan B or rainy day activity. 
  • 02of 10Spoon Bats
  •  A plastic spoon is a clever base for quite a few kid’s crafts. Here, black-painted spoons get paper wings and googly eyes to turn them into winky bats, but try wrapping in ribbon for easy mummies or adding a tissue cape to create a mini ghost. 
  • 03of 10Craft Stick Spiderwebs
  •  Give a traditional god’s eye craft a spooky makeover with a bit of metallic paint and a couple of plastic spiders. This simple craft is especially great to help little one’s practice those fine motor skills as the yarn weaving takes a little dexterity and patience.
  • 04of 10Halloween Windsocks
  • For a kid-friendly outdoor Halloween decoration option, consider a set of colorful cardstock and crepe paper windsocks. Encourage little ones’ creativity by challenging them to create four or five unique characters to display on the front porch (and extend the activity with an extra challenge: write a story featuring your characters). 
  • 05of 10Pop-Out Paper Pumpkins
  •  There are a few highly satisfying firsts when it comes to DIY: sewing a wearable garment, displaying a finished work of original art, and knitting a full-length scarf come to mind immediately. Close behind those, though, is mastering the art of the paper pop-up. Teach kids a little magic by walking them through the creation of a cute pop-out pumpkin—these would make cute Halloween cards or gift tags, by the way.
  • 06of 10Felt Ghost Family
  • Skip the boring white ghosts this season and instead opt for a colorful, happy family of felt, conical spirits. Pipe cleaner legs make these little cuties fully pose-able, so encourage kids to design a sweet display on a windowsill or tabletop once you’ve finished creating. 
  • 07of 10Paper Plate Zombie
  •  While TV and movie zombies can be much too terrifying for younger Halloween aficionados, this paper version captures the perfect amount of scare. Yarn brains and a pop-out eye sets this tutorial apart from other over-simplified paper plate crafts.
  • 08of 10Clothespin Scarecrows
  •  To lean into those crisp fall harvest, pumpkin-spice vibes, whip up a few cutesy clothespin-and-card-stock scarecrows. This is a great project to put those leftover scrapbook paper trimmings to use. Plus, the more clashing patterns and opposing colors the better!
  • 09of 10Paper Black Cat
  •  For the animal lover in your house, a simple paper cat DIY is just the ticket. Make a few of these seasonal black cats to add a touch of whimsy to an entryway console or as part of an orange and black dining table centerpiece. 
  • 10of 10Frankenstein Treat Cups
  • Make sure your home is the first one trick-or-treaters run to every Halloween with a completely DIYed treat cup. Set an assembly line to help a bunch of these Frankenstein treat cups come together quickly. These are so clever and cute, you might just get away with filling them with something other than sugary candy.

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