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10 Wreath Embroidery Patterns for Any Time of Year


10 Wreath Embroidery Patterns for Any Time of Year


People often display wreaths around the holidays, but they aren’t exclusive to Christmas or other seasons. No matter the time of year, you can make a wreath with greens or with stitching! Here are 10 wreath embroidery patterns featuring winter branches, flowers, leaves, and more. Get ready to embroider a circle of stitches with one of these fun and fresh wreath patterns!

  • 01of 10Never Stop Learning Wreath Pattern
  •  For a simple, but beautiful wreath, along with a great reminder, download this Never Stop Learning pattern from Laura of Bugs and Fishes. She walks you through the process of stitching the design, including recommended stitches and number of strands. As you’ll see, the pattern looks great either with or without the flowers!
  • 02of 10Wintery Tweet Wreath Iron-On Pattern
  •  Alyssa from Penguin & Fish designs so many adorable animal patterns ​and this cardinal in a wreath is perfect for making a winter decoration for your home. The pattern is available as either a PDF or an iron-transfer pattern, making the transfer process fast and easy. Work it in blues as shown to give it a wintery feeling, or change it up and make your Tweet Wreath with Christmas colors.
  • 03of 10Floral Hoop-In-a-Hoop Wreath Pattern
  • This sweet hoop art from Bev at Flamingo Toes is both an embroidery pattern and a full project. She walks you through the process of working on stitchable cork and mesh, as well as how to create a hoop inside a hoop. The result is a wreath embroidery that also forms a wreath with an adorable house in the middle.
  • 04of 10Let’s Grow Old Together Modern Wreath Pattern
  •  DMC, one of the most well-known makers of embroidery floss, has a growing collection of free embroidery patterns, including this sweet saying surrounded by a free-form wreath. The “let’s grow old together” text is a beautiful addition to the frame, but you could easily transfer the design without the lettering for a modern and casual embroidered wreath.For another style of wreath, check out its free floral wreath pattern.
  • 05of 10Fancy Floral Wreath Pattern for Beginners
  •  Jessica from Namaste Embroidery makes amazing floral hoops that typically resemble wreaths. Along with selling finished embroidery, she also offers patterns so you can create your pieces in a similar style. While this floral hoop looks complicated, it uses only a few stitches and is suitable for beginners.The PDF includes the design shown here, as well as a matching mini pattern. Be sure to look through all her patterns and kits for even more wreath designs!
  • 06of 10Detailed Floral Wreath Embroidery Design
  • This adorable design from InkandOcean features a wreath made up of a scattering of small flowers. With so many tiny flowers, a pattern like this works best when stitched with only two strands of floss, although you could enlarge the design and use more strands to make a true statement piece. As with all of these wreaths, the finished embroidery would work well framed in a hoop, but it would also be stunning stitched on a pillow.
  • 07of 10Autumn Leaf Wreath Border Pattern
  •  Embrace fall with a wreath of embroidered autumn leaves! This free pattern looks great as a simple circle of fall foliage, but it can also be used as a border to frame a phrase or something else in the center. Use your favorite stitches to outline the leaves, then give them some color with watercolor paint.
  • 08of 10Holiday Floral Wreath Pattern
  • Christmas or holiday wreaths typically look like classic evergreen boughs, but this wreath pattern from Citrusandmintthreads contains a mix of flowers, evergreens, and other foliage. The way she layers satin stitch with other stitches over it gives the design wonderful dimension, even with simple shapes. You may even decide that this is a wreath you want to keep up all year!
  • 09of 10Vintage Wreath Embroidery Designs
  •  Stitching a wreath is nothing new. These vintage patterns that Doe-C-Doe shares feature both a basket and flowers in a wreath formation. The basic floral wreath is small and can be worked with simple stitches, making it ideal for beginners. Advanced stitchers will enjoy the basket wreath with larger flowers. And no matter which design you choose, you’ll have a classic wreath embroidery!
  • 10of 10Winter Wreath Embroidery Pattern
  • This simple winter wreath is one of several wreath patterns designed by Amanda of Fields of Knots. It takes the traditional evergreen bough wreath and strips it down to the minimum, resulting in a classic style. And that space in the center is just begging for a holiday greeting or other message!

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