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12 DIY Lego Tables

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12 DIY Lego Tables


These DIY Lego tables are a dream come true for both the Lego-loving kids in your home and the parents who want to keep everything organized. The kids will have a dedicated space to build along with some LEGO storage so everything goes back where it belongs.

There are a wide variety of Lego tables here including large tables for lots of kids to play at the same time to small portable tables just for one and everything in between. Most of the free Lego table plans are built with affordable Ikea products but any type of table, bought or built, would work for these.

A Lego table is an easy DIY project that anyone can tackle, no matter what your skill level. The kids can even help with the project or you can keep it a secret and give it as a special birthday or Christmas gift.

If you’re looking for more Lego fun, you can get a free Lego Magazine subscription by mail as well as free mini-build sets at your local Lego store.

  • 01of 12How to Make a Lego Table
  •  This adorable DIY Lego table is made from an Ikea Lack table but any small to medium-sized table would work for this project. Glue or use removable putty to attach the baseplates and then add some storage containers and a cute little stool. Before you know it, you have a play area that any kid would love.
  • 02of 12Coffee Table Turned Lego Table
  • Reuse an old coffee table to make a DIY Lego table that will be loved by all, even those little Lego Duplo fans. After you’ve got the table primed you can add baseplates to create the Lego table. Paint and added roadways make the table even more fun. Look for a coffee table with a lower shelf and you’ve got built-in storage, too.
  • 03of 12Adjustable Lego Play Table
  •   This is the ultimate DIY Lego table with a large flat building surface that has baseplates on one side and can be flipped over for a smooth surface. The side storage units are made out of two Ikea Trofast frames and bins. Besides the project instructions, there are plenty of tips here on how to organize and display Legos.
  • 04of 12Ikea Hack Lego Table
  • This DIY Lego table is made from an Ikea Lack table. This is a smaller side table, with the top measuring just 22-by-22 inches. This is a great solution if you’re looking for a smaller-sized Lego table that can be set in the corner of a living room or bedroom. It also means that you won’t have to spend so much money on those pricey baseplates.
  • 05of 12Lego Meets Lack Project
  •   An Ikea Lack table is also used for this DIY Lego table project but this one uses the Lack TV stand so it’s considerably bigger and also has a lower shelf for storing the Legos.If you want a similar look, you could even build a TV stand to use for a Lego table. The larger size of the table means there’s a lot more room for Lego fun, like adding road plates.
  • 06of 12Ikea Trofast Lego Table
  • Here’s another DIY Lego table that uses the Trofast storage system from Ikea. The bins give you plenty of room for Lego block storage and the top gives the kids a place to play with their Lego blocks.
  • 07of 12Homemade Lego Table
  •  If you’re looking for a Lego table that you can quickly tuck away before company comes, this is the ideal project for you. You can use any type of hard surface, even cardboard would work, to glue on some Lego base plates. Take it out when the kids want to play and push it under the couch or bed when it’s time to clean up.
  • 08of 12DIY Lego Table
  •   If you have multiple Lego fans in your house, this large DIY Lego table is just what they need. An Ikea Ingo table is used but you could use any small dining room table for this project.This is a bit of a project, you’ll need a jigsaw and a drill to cut out the spaces for the storage baskets, but the finished project will be envied by every kid who comes over to play.
  • 09of 12Easy Portable Lego Tray Table
  •  For even more portability, consider this DIY Lego tray table that uses a wooden breakfast tray as the base. The tray can be taken all over the house, put under a sofa, or even taken to grandma’s house. This is also a great idea if your kids would rather have their own Lego tray than sharing a table.
  • 10of 12Portable Lego Kit
  •   Here’s an even more portable Lego table—this one is in a lunchbox! One baseplate sits at the bottom to build on, while the other one keeps all the Legos from falling out. This is the perfect case for bringing your little ones’ favorite toys on road trips, too.
  • 11of 12Lego Table With Storage
  • Ikea comes to the rescue again with this DIY Lego table that connects three Lack tables and with Trofast bins that slide out from under the tables. A video of the project is also included as well as how to add and customize the wall unit.
  • 12of 12Ikea Lego Table
  • This DIY Lego table uses two Ikea Trofast systems along with a whopping 18 bins that are sure to solve your Lego storage problems. If you have two Lego builders in your home, this works perfectly because each builder gets their own side of the table.

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