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12 DIY Party Centerpieces

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12 DIY Party Centerpieces


Are you the type to decorate to the max for a party or do you do the bare minimum? Regardless of your event decorating style, party centerpieces are a great way to make a statement without spending a fortune or ton of time.

The table is the focal point of most parties because that’s either where people eat or where the food is positioned. Likewise, if you’re in a rush, skip the garland and other party decorations and make the table your main focus.

These party centerpiece ideas are designed to make a big impact without needing a ton of materials. Think about ways you can customize each design to fit different seasons and occasions. The centerpieces are more versatile than you might think.

  • 01of 12Craft a Kid-Friendly Centerpiece The Homes I Have Made The great thing about this party centerpiece idea is that it can be customized to any birthday party theme. Switch out the colors and emblem to make this idea work for you. To get the details on how to make the base, visit The Homes I Have Made for an in-depth tutorial.
  • 02of 12Incorporate Balloons in an Inexpensive Centerpiece Sugar and ClothOne way to cut costs when you need to make a large centerpiece that scales the entire table is to use balloons. The colors and accents can be changed out depending on the season or occasion, so don’t limit yourself. The overall look and feel is luxurious despite being relatively inexpensive. To find out how to make your own, visit the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth.
  • 03of 12Add Colorful Pinwheels to Your Table The Craft Patch Pinwheels aren’t just a decorative garden accent. These fun centerpieces are easy to make and would work well for a kid’s birthday party or a baby shower. If you want to use these centerpieces for an outdoor party, just be sure they are appropriately weighted so they don’t go flying with the wind. Find out how Jennifer from The Craft Patch put them together on her blog.
  • 04of 12Float Balloons Above the Table Studio DIYInstead of anchoring balloons on the table, use string to float them above and attach them to decorative accents. We love how Kelly from Studio DIY decided to tie the balloons to pineapples. To learn how to add this centerpiece or something similar to your next party, head on over to her page for more photos and details.
  • 05of 12Construct an Edible Centerpiece Lia GriffithIf you are hosting a brunch or dinner party where your guests will be around the table for the majority of the evening, consider making an edible centerpiece. You can either dissuade your guests from eating the fruit or encourage it, but either way, it’s an impressive way to decorate a table. Lia Griffith has all the arrangement details on her site.
  • 06of 12Craft a Paper Flower Centerpiece A Subtle ReveryIf you have craft paper and some spare time, this centerpiece is a feasible party option that won’t cost you anything extra to make. Victoria at a Subtle Revelry makes this project even more simple by offering some printable templates to follow.
  • 07of 12Add Candles for a Romantic, Vintage Touch Fall for DIYCandles are a classic part of olden day centerpieces, but they aren’t used as often anymore. If you want to throw a vintage-themed or romantic dinner party, consider mixing in some candles along with some florals. Francesca from Fall for DIY does a beautiful job of putting together this simple yet eye-catching centerpiece. Head over to her site to learn how to make your own.
  • 08of 12Use Cranberries for Winter Party Centerpieces Cherished Bliss Each season has a variety of motifs you could incorporate. For instance, if you’re throwing a party in the summer, you could add sunflowers. In the fall, you could add pumpkins to your centerpiece. For winter parties, bunch together cranberries and other seasonal fruits for an elegant centerpiece. If you want to learn how to make these floating candle centerpieces, head over the Cherished Bliss for the tutorial.
  • 09of 12Pick a Few Colors for a Paper Flower Centerpiece Lovely IndeedIf you are making a temporary party centerpiece, don’t spend more money on expensive materials if you can help it. This summery party centerpiece from Lovely Indeed uses paper and a Cricut machine. It is simple enough for a beginner to complete in a couple of hours. Once the party is over, throw the paper centerpiece in the recycling bin or fold it up and save it for future gatherings. For more pictures and a step-by-step, head over to the blog.
  • 10of 12Use a Three-Tiered Tray for a Centerpiece Surroundings by DebbieA simple way to beef up a party centerpiece and add height is by using a three-tiered tray. You can decorate the tray to fit the theme of the party, or you could fill it with flowers and skip any accents. Surroundings by Debbie came up with this clever tea party-themed centerpiece that is as elegant as it is whimsical. Visit her site for more details on how to complete this look from start to finish.
  • 11of 12Make an Arrangement of Paper Peonies The House That Lars BuiltIf you have made some basic paper flowers in the past and are looking for a more ambitious flower centerpiece, try this one from The House That Lars Built. You can follow along with her written tutorial or her video if you’re more of a visual learner. This party centerpiece will take you longer to make than some of the other paper flowers, so you might want to save it for future occasions.
  • 12of 12Draw Some Inspiration from Winnie the Pooh Crafting CheerfullyThis party centerpiece idea is perfect for baby showers or a young child’s birthday. You could also have a Winnie the Pooh theme for a more youthful adult party if you wish. Kim from Crafting Cheerfully has a ton of cute party DIYs on her blog. This one is easy to follow and she links out to all the supplies you’ll need to complete it.
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