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14 Adorable Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns


14 Adorable Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns


Every day is a great day to crochet a gift for a new baby. These 14 baby cocoon patterns provide a variety of styles for both boys and girls. They are especially popular as photo props for newborn babies but are also functional in keeping them warm (as well as cute!).

  • 01of 14Easy Chunky Cocoon
  •  This free crochet baby cocoon pattern works up really quickly because it is made with super bulky yarn. This yarn choice also makes the cocoon super cozy for baby, particularly on colder days. Select your yarn colors to suit the baby’s gender or just the family’s preferences.
  • 02of 14Easy-Peasy Cocoon
  •  Here is another super simple free baby cocoon crochet pattern. It is worked with thick yarn and a size N crochet hook, using double crochet stitches worked in the round. 
  • 03of 14Watermelon Cocoon
  •  Got a summer baby that needs to be kept warm and snuggly at an outdoor evening event? Watermelon-themed crochet patterns are perfect for summer. This baby cocoon pattern will have everyone cooing over the little one’s cuteness.
  • 04of 14Easter Cocoon
  • Crochet baby cocoons are popular choices for making costumes and photo props for babies. Very young babies often sleep through their earliest photos but parents still want those cute images to share with others on the holidays; baby cocoons add that element of sweetness even when the baby is asleep. This crochet pattern is for a cocoon in chevron stitch made using springtime colors and a matching baby chick crochet hat pattern. Make the cocoon in other colors without the hat to use this pattern all year round.
  • 05of 14Mermaid Tail Cocoon
  •  The crochet mermaid tail blanket became popular almost as soon as it was designed and inspired many other designs, one of the cutest of which is this crochet mermaid cocoon. This one is especially cute for summer.
  • 06of 14Caterpillar Cocoon
  •  The Caterpillar story is a popular one with kids and the character itself is immediately recognizable. Dress baby up for Halloween, spring—or just for fun—in this free baby cocoon crochet pattern.
  • 07of 14Tulip Hat and Cocoon
  •  In addition to animals, flowers are a frequent source of inspiration for baby cocoon patterns. Anne Geddes photography has surely been a large reason for this. Here is a tulip crochet baby cocoon pattern that combines a fairly simple bottom with a detailed floral hat. This one is a great choice for photographing babies in spring and summer, although if you adjust the colors, it’s a design that could be used year-round.
  • 08of 14Giraffe Cocoon
  • Animals of all kinds are popular design inspiration for baby cocoons. After all, what baby doesn’t look even more precious dressed up like a cute, cuddly animal? This giraffe cocoon is one of the more unique animal options. The pattern is a free download through Ravelry. 
  • 09of 14Baby Pod Cocoon
  • Another way to add the floral touch is to simply attach a beautiful crochet flower to a more basic crochet cocoon design. This option allows you to leave the cocoon simpler to make it more gender-neutral or to really lavish it with decorative flowers. This free pattern is a simple one that is great for attaching your own crochet flower designs.
  • 10of 14Lion Cocoon
  •  We’d be lyin’ if we said we didn’t love this truly adorable baby cocoon pattern. This cocoon is for photography purposes only, so stitch up this cocoon for baby’s first Halloween or baby’s first photoshoot. You can purchase this pattern on Etsy.
  • 11of 14Swaddling Cocoon
  •  Baby cocoon patterns are perfect for swaddling baby. Crochet designer Kara Cardella explains: “This baby cocoon has an attached, hinged rectangle that can be cinched tight to swaddle your wee one. The rectangle can be folded down for the smallest of newborns and the chunky yarn has nylon that gives it a nice stretch as your baby grows.”
  • 12of 14Snuggle Cuddle Cocoon
  •  This precious baby cocoon crochet pattern is designed for newborns, but the original size was created for stillborn premature babies so that they could be buried in something special. This is another use of the baby cocoon that many people don’t think of, but that can be helpful to the hearts of grieving parents. The unique construction of this pattern shows a buttoned alternative to many of the slip-on cocoon sacks.
  • 13of 14Snuggle Bug Cocoon
  •  As you might have noticed, many (although not all) baby cocoon patterns include the sleep sack portion as well as a matching hat. The idea is to keep baby warm from head to toe. However, there are ways of doing that without creating a separate hat. This simple free crochet sleep sack pattern is designed so that the top can be pulled up like a hood around the baby. 
  • 14of 14Raspberry Stitch Cocoon
  •  Many crochet baby cocoon patterns use very simple stitches, which is fine, but it’s also fun to play with more complex stitch patterns, which you’ll have the opportunity to do here with raspberry stitch. Some people complain that openwork crochet baby cocoon patterns let baby’s toes slip through, which won’t happen with this design.

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