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15 DIY Projects for Teens

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15 DIY Projects for Teens


Most teenagers are inherently creative, so it’s no surprise that there are dozens of cool DIY projects for teens on the internet. While there are some new trends in crafts, some common themes span multiple generations. Fun DIYs for teens tend to be colorful, whimsical, and easy to make in an afternoon.

It’s interesting to think that something your grandmother made when she was sixteen might resonate with your sixteen-year-old daughter. However, it’s also important to remember that each kid is an individual with their own unique tastes.

There are plenty of fun crafts for teens to explore here, so scroll through and pick out something that speaks to your teen—or your inner teenager!

  • 01of 15Use Yarn to Make a Rainbow Wall Hanging
  • Rainbows might seem childish to some teenagers, but this rainbow wall hanging from Lia Griffith is refined enough to be both whimsical and mature. This DIY project would look charming in a childhood bedroom or dorm room and can be customized with different colors. Check out the tutorial for more details.
  • 02of 15Make an Inspiration Board for Your Favorite Photos
  •  If it feels like your teens (or your entire family for that matter) have been glued to their phones lately, this project will take the focus off of Instagram for a moment. Instead of seeing these visuals on a feed, they can see their favorite photos up on their wall instead. They might find that having an inspiration board in their bedroom inspires them to take on even more craft projects.
  • 03of 15Learn Different Tie Dye Techniques
  •  Tie-dye has been around since the sixties, and the craft is still popular among the younger generations. There are some shibori dyeing techniques that are trendy right now, but classic tie-dye techniques are much more colorful and can be more forgiving to complete. It’s an easy craft for learning new skills in this thorough tutorial.
  • 04of 15Design Some Temporary Tattoos
  •  Temporary tattoos appeal to tons of teens whether they’re 13 or 18. If they like to mix up their forms of self-expression and don’t like the idea of permanence (or can’t legally get a tattoo), check out this guide from Persia Lou and make some temporary tattoos at home.
  • 05of 15Get Colorful with One of a Kind Wall Art
  • This teen DIY project is similar to tie-dye in that every outcome is unique and wonderfully colorful. Be advised that this tutorial might not be appropriate for young teenagers without supervision since it uses a lighter.
  • 06of 15Repurpose a Candle for Make Up Brushes
  • As teenagers get older, they acquire more and more stuff. With all the makeup tutorials on Youtube, it’s unsurprising that they might have as many makeup brushes as they have paintbrushes or pencils. Instead of purchasing yet another item, consider repurposing an old candle jar for much-needed teen storage.
  • 07of 15Use Pom Poms to Make Jewelry
  •  There are several pom-pom crafts that will appeal to teenagers, but this one from Polkadot Chair is a fan favorite. The end result is a necklace that is elegant and playful and could even pass for an expensive designer piece.
  • 08of 15Update an Existing Accessory with Paint
  •  Really easy DIY projects for teens involve giving existing items a face-lift to make them fit in more with your personality. In this case, a basic neutral purse is elevated using gold foil paint and some simple ingenuity. Get inspired and help them make their own by visiting Delineate Your Dwelling.
  • 09of 15Rethink Adult Coloring Books
  •  Sure, adult coloring books are marketed toward adults to relieve stress, but they can be fun for teenagers, too. Instead of simply coloring, which might get boring for a teen, this blog post shows you ten different ways to repurpose adult coloring book pages. The coaster idea would make a creative addition to any coffee table.
  • 10of 15Turn a Frame Into an Earring Holder
  • Making a DIY earring holder is straightforward, but not all earring holders are ideal for a teen. To make the piece look more fun, add a bright, unexpected color to an embossed frame. To find out more, head over to this tutorial from House of Hawthornes.
  • 11of 15Put Together a Peaceful Dream Catcher
  •   Dream catchers might not appeal to all teens, but they are popular nonetheless. This dream catcher tutorial from A Crafty Mix is hard to mess up and leaves a lot of room for creative expression and colors. Have fun with it!
  • 12of 15Whip Up Something That’s Gift-Worthy
  •  It’s one thing to make a bath scrub with a teen, it another thing entirely to make a bath scrub that looks like a fantastical unicorn. Any teen might quickly jump on board and want to make these cute scrubs as gifts for all their friends.
  • 13of 15Perfect Weaving Skills by Making a Throw Rug
  •  There are simple weaving kits that are marketed to kids and tweens so they can make little things like jewelry. If your child was into loom kits as a kid, they will likely love this more advanced project as a teenager. A Piece of Rainbow explains how to make a loom and then weave together this colorful and eclectic throw rug.
  • 14of 15Paint Simple Frames With Bold Patterns
  •  If you want a teen DIY project that is fun and functional, pick up some cheap frames and then paint them to your heart’s content. Check out this tutorial from Elise Engh Studios to find out how she reimagined these frames into something more cheerful.
  • 15of 15Try Out a Modern Wall Hanging
  • If you’re a teen that is not partial to bright bursts of color, consider this project from Homey Oh My. The wall hanging is bohemian in nature but has a very modern feel with simple lines and neutral colors.

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