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15 DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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15 DIY Wedding Centerpieces


The little extras can really add up when planning (and paying for) a wedding, so save some cash by tapping into your crafty side and creating as much as you can by hand. From favors to programs, a personal touch can not only help you stick to your budget, but can incorporate a wonderful sense of individuality to your special day. Add your own sense of style to each of your guests’ tables with a homemade centerpiece or two, so peruse the list of ideas below to spark your imagination for the perfect piece to accent your perfect day.

  • 01of 15Floral Cake Stand Centerpiece Pretty ProvidenceVintage vibes are a perennial bridal favorite, so repurposed antique dishware are the perfect DIY centerpiece media. In this tutorial, a glass cake stand props up a low bouquet of flowers, but don’t hesitate to get creative with your thrifted kitchen goods (think: teapots, martini glasses, or even mason jars), as a variety of glassware works for this idea.
  • 02of 15Sheet Music Mason Jar Centerpiece Modge Podge RocksFor the music-loving couple, print off the sheet music from a few favorite songs to design your centerpieces around. Mason jars, votive holders, or vases can be decoupaged in the paper, and then finished with any number of accessories, like twine, buttons, or paper flowers.
  • 03of 15Pineapple Centerpiece Wedding ChicksIs a destination wedding more your style? Well, you can still DIY a few thoughtful centerpieces from your tropical paradise using all local supplies. This cute idea plants colorful blooms in a hollowed-out pineapple, but don’t hesitate to use coconuts, mangos, or guavas as vases too. Add a teeny drink umbrella or two to really capture those island vibes. 
  • 04of 15Painted Wine Bottle Centerpiece Crafts by AmandaPrep your guests for a refined affair with a classy, wine-centric centerpiece. Paint empty, clean bottles to suit your tastes, then add flowers, taper candles, or greenery for height. Pro tip: tape your design off using painter’s tape before adding color for the cleanest line work. 
  • 05of 15Concrete Letter Candle Holder Centerpieces A Beautiful MessHow lovely would it be to keep and display your wedding centerpieces post-nuptials? These concrete letters are stunning and sturdy, and can absolutely be repurposed into things like garden decor after the wedding. Try creating a few in the your initials, as well as Xs and Os. 
  • 06of 15Crepe Paper Topiary Lia GriffithThe texture of crepe paper is perfect for constructing faux greenery, and Lia Griffith cleverly shapes her leaves and stems into a heart topiary. These centerpieces add a good amount of height to an otherwise one-dimensional tablescape, so they’re a great option for a larger table. 
  • 07of 15Glowing Floral Centerpiece DIY CandyA strategically hidden LED light gives these stunning centerpieces a gorgeous white glow from the bottom of the votive. Faux flowers, greenery, and glass pebbles hide the LED, and a vase full of water spreads the hazy candlelight across the table. You can replace the actual candle up top with a fake candle too, which is a perfect option if your venue doesn’t allow candles or if you’ll be having a large number of children in attendance.
  • 08of 15Embroidery Hoop Centerpiece BluprintHit the clearance bin at your craft supply store to source balsa wood embroidery hoops, which act as the base for this pretty centerpiece. The great thing about these hoops is they can work with real floral as well as faux, so the finishing touches are absolutely up to you.
  • 09of 15Succulent Terrarium Centerpiece Beacon LaneTap into the succulent trend with these interesting little centerpieces. Grab terrariums from a craft or hardware store (or hit the thrift shops for a mismatched, antique-y feel), then fill with desert-friendly flora. Pro tip: For a glowing terrarium, hide a teeny LED light beneath the gravel. It’ll give off a warm luster as the sun goes down on your special day.
  • 10of 15Rustic Wood and Copper Centerpiece All Things ThriftyHaving a barn wedding? Or just embracing a more unfinished setting? Match your centerpieces to the venue with this straightforward tutorial. While these projects appear rustic, they do take a bit of DIY knowledge and time, so best enlist the help of your wedding party if you plan on hosting more than a few tables at your reception.
  • 11of 15Scrap Wood Candle Holder Anika’s DIY LifePop into your local hardware store for a bit of scrap wood and drill holes into each one to create candleholders. Or, if you ask nicely, a hardware store employee might be willing to make some quick drill holes for you. A couple of swaths of paint in your wedding colors brings these clustered candlestick holders to life—just add a few neutral tapers.
  • 12of 15Lemon and Floral Centerpiece The Country Chic CottageThese citrus and floral centerpieces are especially stunning if you’re planning a warm-weather, outdoor wedding (hello: California and Florida). Sliced lemons show off their geometric beauty, but whole fruits look fab in rounder clear vases, too. Why not show off your creativity and design a variety of lemon-centric pieces?
  • 13of 15Paint Stir Stick Flower Box Wedding ChicksUpcycle a few unused wooden paint stirrers to create a country-chic flower box. Fill with pre-potted plants (or go faux), and your tablescapes will be eye-catching and professional. If you’re open to a more avant-garde, colorful vibe, ask your paint store for their used stirrers and create a splattered, speckled flower box instead.
  • 14of 15Stacked Book Centerpieces Budget Savvy BrideThis homemade centerpiece idea couldn’t be easier. Simply stack a few of your favorite books together, then add a fresh flower, a votive candle, or a framed poem. Vintage touches look perfect with well-loved books, so scour secondhand stores for the perfect little accent pieces. 
  • 15of 15Wooden Lantern Centerpiece Jaime CostiglioIf your wedding venue allows live flame, these completely handmade wooden lanterns are a fantastic option. Varied heights and sizes add the perfect amount of interest, and simple tea lights can really set the mood.

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