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16 Easy Friendship Bracelets

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16 Easy Friendship Bracelets


Everyone loves friendship bracelets, from kids and tweens learning to make them for the first time to adults who want to craft a bit of nostalgia. And easy friendship bracelet tutorials are the place to start!

Some of these designs come together in a few minutes, while others will still take a few hours. All of them use simple techniques that you can learn, even if this is your first try. In this collection of bracelets, you’ll find traditional friendship bracelets with knots, braids, and even some crochet and embroidery. Each one lets you express your style and show a friend that you care!

  • 01of 16Turn T-Shirts Into Friendship Bracelets Blue Bear WoodDo you have an old t-shirt that’s seen better days? Turn it into t-shirt yarn and then make this braided bracelet! Braiding is one of the easiest way to make a bracelet, but with a metal clasp and the option for a double wrap style, this upcycled project is anything but basic.
  • 02of 16Braid Bracelets of All Sizes Purl SohoBraiding may be the most basic way to make a friendship bracelet, but these tutorials from Purl Soho show you how many ways you really can braid. At the most basic, they teach a wide braid by holding several strands side by side, but they work you all the way up to a seven-strand braid. Not only that, but they show a great technique for starting and ending bracelets with cording.
  • 03of 16Set Sail for Friendship With a Knotted Bracelet Tried and True BlogSailor’s knot bracelets have lots of meanings, including safety and good fortune. They also have been used as gifts for sweethearts or as a symbol of friendship, which makes them perfect as a friendship bracelet! This version has a metal clasp that transforms rope into a gorgeous accessory.
  • 04of 16Braid a Bracelet Inspired by a Fishtail The StripeUsing a different braiding technique that also shows up in hair braiding, this bracelet forms a v-shaped design that resembles a fishtail. The process can feel a little fishy at first, but once you catch on, it’s easy and you’ll be hooked!
  • 05of 16Do the Twist on a Chain Bracelet Mollie JohansonTo add some shine to your friendship bracelets, start with a metal ball chain and then let the knotting begin! As you tie the knots, they twist around and form a double helix of sorts. You can make it with one or two colors and the connector on the chain makes it easy to wear your bracelet or give it to a friend.
  • 06of 16Embellish a Pre-Made Friendship Bracelet The Neon Tea PartyWhen a basic friendship bracelet isn’t enough, add some extras to make it your own! This post fro The Neon Tea Party shows you how to add charms and bling of all kinds to your bracelet, whether you made it yourself or bought one pre-made. This is also a great tutorial to pair with one of the other bracelets in this list!
  • 07of 16Get Tied Up in Friendship Bracelet Making Jennie MastersonMost people think of macrame as a way to make plant hangers and wall hangings, but many friendship bracelets also use macrame knots! You can make your bracelet so it twists or lays flat and it looks great made with embroidery thread or even yarn.
  • 08of 16Make a Simple Two-Color Bracelet Craft JamCraft Jam has a great collection of embroidery bracelet tutorials and their half hitch design forms a fun texture while showing off two colors of thread. The knotting is easy and even kids will have success.
  • 09of 16Craft a Cute-as-a-Button Friendship Bracelet Crafts by AmandaOne classic version of a friendship bracelet is a series of knots that form diagonal stripes. Amanda, from Crafts by Amanda, shows how to make this style of bracelet, and to make it easy for kids to wear and share, she makes hers with a button closure. And don’t miss her tutorial for making bangle-style bracelets with old t-shirts.
  • 10of 16Knot a Simple Chevron Bracelet Mollie JohansonWorking with the same type of knots as the diagonal striped bracelet, this patter makes a series of v-shaped chevrons. This bracelet is the most complex of the designs on this list, but it’s still easy to learn and only takes some time. After you learn how to make this one, you will be on your way to making any kind of knotted bracelet!
  • 11of 16Make a Round Braided Bracelet With 8 Strands Macrame SchoolMacrame School has a YouTube channel where they show all kinds of techniques for making bracelets and more. Follow their video tutorial for making a round braid with 8 strands. And while the braid shows up great with a thick cording, it would also be fun to make with embroidery threads!
  • 12of 16Tie an Easy and Fashionable Bracelet Moms and CraftersCan you believe that this fancy friendship bracelet is made with the two most basic knots in bracelet making: forward and backward knots. You can make the sections with the colors in different locations, and like several of the other bracelets in this list, it uses a metal clasp for a dressed-up feeling.
  • 13of 16Stitch a Friendship Bracelet Design on Felt Mollie JohansonMaking lots and lots of knots takes time, but with this project from The Spruce Crafts contributor Mollie Johanson you can embroider a chevron design onto felt! It’s perfect for those who want to show off their stitching skills while making a bracelet for your friend.
  • 14of 16Take Your Friendship to the Beach Stardust Gold CrochetAnother option for making friendship bracelets in a non-traditional way, try crochet! Soft colors of cotton yarn give these a beachy feeling, and what’s more summer and friendship than that? If you haven’t ever tried to crochet, this would be a fun small project to get you started.
  • 15of 16Knot You Way Around an Easy Bracelet Tutorial Claireabelle MakesThis twisted friendship bracelet uses a simple knot that forms a spiral. If you’ve ever seen a hair wrap, this uses the same knot, which means you can add a bit of friendship flair to your hair too!
  • 16of 16Learn to Weave Bracelets on a DIY Loom Cutesy CraftsJessica from Cutesy Crafts shows how kids can learn to make a beautifully woven corded bracelet with a cardboard circle. The method is similar to using a Japanese kumihimo disc, but you can make the disc yourself. It still takes time, but the results are amazing!

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