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9 DIY Baby Mobile Ideas for Any Nursery

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9 DIY Baby Mobile Ideas for Any Nursery


Welcoming a new baby is always exciting, and decorating a nursery in anticipation can be a really fun part of that process. No matter your color scheme or theme, a baby’s nursery isn’t quite complete without a whimsical mobile.

A homemade mobile can capture your baby’s attention, help develop their eyesight, and calm them down in preparation for sleep (always a good thing). Glance through the do-it-yourself ideas below to get inspired to make a personal, unique mobile for your little one.

  • 01of 09Geometric Paper Mobile
  • Sturdy cardstock can be run through your sewing machine, so cut a few cute shapes, pair them up, and run a quick stitch from top to bottom to create a few three-dimensional pieces for a colorful mobile. This piece ages well with your baby, so keep it hung up to teach your toddler shapes and colors. 
  • 02of 09Felt Ball Mobile
  • This simple mobile gives the illusion of floating colorful orbs—certain to capture your little one’s interest for a few precious moments. Go for a rainbow of felt balls to brighten an otherwise plain space or select monochromatic pieces for a more curated look.
  • 03of 09Rainy Day Mobile
  •  Stick with just paper and string to make this cute cloud-and-raindrop mobile. A glittery finish and a smiling face add a whimsical touch to this lovely, homemade piece of nursery decor. Add a sunny yellow wall for the perfect amount of contrast to this adorable mobile. 
  • 04of 09Leather Circle Mobile
  • Keep things simple with this striking leather mobile. One long line to hang leather shapes keeps construction easy and makes for a striking accent piece. Hang this one up over a dresser to add a modern touch your baby’s nursery. 
  • 05of 09Stars and Moon Mobile
  • This smart tutorial utilizes found objects, store-bought items, and a few homemade touches for an eye-catching, wall-mounted mobile. Don’t worry if the objects you find don’t match your color scheme; a quick coat of metallic spray paint remedies that instantly.
  • 06of 09Modern Leather Mobile
  • This dynamic mobile utilizes wire to hang its leather cutouts, so each unique arc creates a new level. Leather is a great media for this project—no need to finish the edges with a needle and thread—as it won’t fray. Add your own patterns with paint to a couple of leather pieces to add another layer of fascination.
  • 07of 09Felt and Wool Cloud Mobile
  • Soft textures are the focus for this sky-themed mobile where plushy clouds meet puffy pom-poms. You can absolutely make each component yourself, especially if you’re an accomplished seamstress, but don’t hesitate to opt for pre-made pieces too, just add your own spin by hanging everything together from a wooden embroidery hoop. 
  • 08of 09Flowers and Butterflies Mobile
  •   If your baby’s nursery leans toward natural materials and organic colors, attempt this rustic mobile made from a tree branch. Hanging flowers and butterflies keep this project’s theme cohesive, but don’t hesitate to adjust the color scheme to your little one’s room.
  • 09of 09Geode Mobile
  •  Capitalize on the geode/crystal trend by making your own–from paper. A few simple folds bring these geodes to life, and a contrasting pastel color palette makes them perfect for a baby mobile. 

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