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9 Succulent and Cacti Cross-Stitch Patterns


9 Succulent and Cacti Cross-Stitch Patterns


Succulents and cacti have long been the go-to plant for those who lack a green thumb. They require very little maintenance and multiply easily. Succulent and cacti cross stitch patterns add even more style to your home decor. These cross-stitch designs range from modern to more traditional. No matter what your style is, there is a pattern out there for you.

  • 01of 09Cactus Flower
  •  If you are searching for realistic images for cross stitch patterns, make sure you check out this cactus pattern. Cross-Stitch-Pattern.net has several life-like patterns that you can download for free. This pattern would look great in a classroom or the office of your favorite science teacher.
  • 02of 09All in a Row
  • Makers Society offers up a quick free cacti cross-stitch pattern that is perfect for beginner stitchers. You can switch out the colors of the pots to fit any decor design. This project is a great make-and-take for a craft night with friends. You can also stitch these mini cacti individually for smaller pieces of jewelry.
  • 03of 09Catcus
  •  Love the idea of having a kitty and a cactus but not ready for the full commitment? Stitch up this fun tongue and cheek version of a catcus by Ringcat. If your inner cat lady or cat gentleman is screaming to get out, you should stitch up several in different colors to hang around the house. This little green kitty catcus is okay to pet, won’t shed and requires no cleanup–essentially the perfect pet.
  • 04of 09Cactus Pup
  •  If you are more of a dog person and are a fan of kawaii, this cactus pup is for you. This little girl is so cute that you’ll want to hug her, but look out. That fur is full of cactus needles. Won’t you give this little girl a home? Monica at My Cross Stitch.com has this, and other patterns, available for free to download.
  • 05of 09Cacti Landscape
  •  Create cards or an entire sampler using these cacti landscapes by Cross-Stitching.com. These patterns are free to download on their website. You can frame them with bright Southwestern colors or place them in hoops for a more subtle design.
  • 06of 09Rock Garden
  •  Create your own cross-stitch rock garden with these succulent and cacti patterns from Helene Workshop. They can be stitched together for a sampler, or individually in hoops and placed around your home or office. This makes an excellent gift for new homeowners or for students in dorms who cannot have plants in their rooms.
  • 07of 09Cactus Trio
  •  This trio of cross-stitch patterns from Galaborn Patterns is a hip nod to the ​1970s when terrariums were the hottest item in your house. You can stitch these patterns separately or together as a large piece. These succulents are great for those who lack a green thumb; no watering or replanting involved.
  • 08of 09Chick Bloom
  •  This single chick bloom cross-stitch pattern by GentleFeather can be stitched by itself or accompanied by other succulent patterns. Create an entire succulent garden, one bloom at a time. Be careful—these chicks are known to multiply very easily. Once you have one, you might need another and another.
  • 09of 09Can’t Touch This
  •  Andwabisabi’s adorable cactus pattern is a fun little take on the plant’s inability to be hugged. Although it can’t be touched, it is still happy and smiling. Stitch this pattern up and use it as a wall sign for things that are off limits. A teenager would love to have this on the door to their room. It is much nicer than a big “Keep Out” sign. This is just one of many play on word patterns available at her Etsy store.

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