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Easy Origami Christmas Tree Card Tutorial

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Easy Origami Christmas Tree Card Tutorial


Learn how to make a wonderful origami Christmas tree card! A handmade Christmas card is the perfect finishing touch to your gifts this Christmas!

This super simple origami Christmas tree is made using 4 sheets of small square paper.

You will need a few dabs of glue to complete the finished Christmas tree card!

The sizes used for the card in the photo are 7.5 x 7.5 cm thin card.

You can use any kind of paper you have around the house.

What You’ll Need


  • 4 7.5×7.5-centimeter cardstock
  • Glue


  1. Get StartedStarting white side up (if you have one). Fold the paper in half diagonally both ways.Flip the paper over to the other (colored) side and rotate. Fold the paper in half and unfold.
  2. Make the Pieces of the TreeFlip the paper back over to the other side. Push the right and left sides into the middle, collapsing the top section down. You now have a water bomb base.Make two more of these.
  3. Make the Tree TrunkNow it’s time to make the trunk of the origami Christmas tree.Start white side up (if you have one). Fold the paper in half both ways and unfold. Flip the paper to the other side. Fold the bottom right corner up to the top left corner. Unfold.
  4. Continue Folding the TrunkRotate the paper and flip it over to the other side. Push in the right and left corners to the middle. This is an origami square base.Fold the right and left corners to the middle. Fold the bottom corner up to the middle and unfold. Repeat on the back.
  5. Glue the Tree TogetherNow it’s time to stick the tree together with a bit of glue. Glue the top of one of the tree sections.Get another tree section and slot it on top, gluing it at the same time. You can adjust the height of the tree by pushing it on further. Do the same with the tree trunk.
  6. Attach the Tree to a CardNow you can stick the tree onto a piece of card that is folded in half.Leave the tree as it is or make it more three dimensional by folding the right and left sections in the opposite directions.You can also decorate the tree by drawing baubles and tinsel with pens or sticking other decorations on top!Now that you have completed your origami Christmas tree card, how about making an easy origami Santa or other Christmas origami projects?

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