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How to Make Macrame Earrings Two Ways

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How to Make Macrame Earrings Two Ways


Macrame is making a comeback in a major way, and you can use the technique on everything from accessories to home decor! With just a few simple materials, you can create a chic, boho pair of earrings that look like they came from a boutique, but you’ll be able to say that you made with your own two hands. Follow the tutorials for a basic pair and a pair that’s a little more intricate.

 Lovely Indeed 

As you’re gathering materials, take a peek through your earring collection for hoops or shapes that you already have—these might be great starters for adding some macrame knots to give them new life!

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers (optional)
  • Wire or stiff-bristle comb (cat combs or eyelash combs work well)


  • Twisted cotton macrame cord
  • Hoop earrings
  • Fish hook earring backs (optional)
  • Jump rings (optional)


  1. Easy Lark’s Head Knot EarringsThis first type of macrame earring is perfect for beginners and uses one type of knot: the lark’s head. Place your hoop earring on a flat surface. Cut a length of your macrame cord that’s about 4″ long. Fold this cord in half and place the loop under your earring hoop.
  2. Pull ThroughThen bring the loop of the cord over the earring hoop and tuck the ends of the cord through the loop. Pull taut so that the cord remains firmly around the earring hoop.
  3. RepeatRepeat this process with more macrame cord so that you fill the lower third of your earring hoop with lark’s head knots. Continue to pull them very taut, and press the knots together to make sure that they cover the earring hoop.
  4. Trim and FrayOnce you have the lower third of your earring hoop covered with macrame knots, trim all of the ends of the cord to an even length. Then go about separating the twisted strands of the cord so that the ends are frayed. Once frayed, trim again to make sure that the line of edges is neat and even. Then take your wire comb or brush and gently brush through all of the fibers to further separate them and give them a finished, brushed look.
  5. Repeat with the Other EarringRepeat this process with the other hoop earring, and you have a pretty set of DIY macrame earrings to wear!
  6. Make Macrame Leaf EarringsThis macrame technique doesn’t need a hoop earring — just a fishtail earring back and some jump rings will turn these knots into a pretty pair of dangle earrings that you can wear. Start by cutting three pieces of your twisted cotton macrame cord. One piece should be 12″ and the other two should be 6″. Fold the 12″ piece in half with the loop at the top. Fold one 6″ piece in half and tuck the loop under the top of the 12″ piece, from right to left. We’ll call this “Piece A.
  7. Add a CordThen fold your other 6″ cord in half. Tuck this loop up through the loop of the first 6″ cord, from the left to the right.
  8. Knot AcrossNext, pull the second 6″ cord across the center line of the 12″ cord. Insert the ends of the first 6″ cord through this loop.
  9. Pull TautPull on both ends of the cords equally to tighten this knot.
  10. Alternate and RepeatRepeat the steps of adding two more 6″ loops and tying this knot, but alternate the sides where you insert the first loop. So this time insert the first loop under the center cord from the left and the second from the right. The next time, start back on the right again. Repeat until you have ten knots.
  11. TrimUse scissors to start trimming your ends into a leaf shape.
  12. FrayUse your fingers and your wire comb to fray and separate the twisted strands of the macrame cord. Gently brush through using the comb.Trim again to create a leaf shape and brush with the comb. Then add a jump ring and earring back to the top loop of the macrame cord.

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